I look at you            & I’m ʜᴏᴍᴇ
                                                                                                   I don’t want that to go away
I don’t want to f o r g e t .

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▐│∶☽∶; —                    He’d reached without thinking. Having spotted the mar in her pale skin, he’d tried to recall what put it there. But no specific injury stood out, nor an accident he’d witnessed on the field. It’d been an absent gesture, and he was quick to withdraw at the smallest twitch of her muscle. 


He breathes the apology and ducks his head, hand hovering, fidgeting before idly scratching his jaw. It’s a few seconds after her offer that he looks up once more. There’s hesitation, not due to disinterest but his previous invasion of her space. She’d opened the door, and he was always willing to listen. To hear. So he nods his head, hands folding loose in his lap.

                     ❝… of course.

                  Apologies were spoken, and she can’t help but offer a smile to him. A curious being he was, whether he wanted to admit it or not. It was a scar that that she, while it was in a rather odd place, brought back memories. Memories before the war, before death replaced happiness, sadness replaced joy. She had been young, but she remembered it as if it was yesterday.

                               ”It’s alright, Gunter.”

                   Sitting up then, she straightens her posture before speaking, though there was an air of relaxation to her. A conversation outside of professionalism is something that she craves.

                     ”I was four. Back then, my mother was still alive. She was working hard on making a pie for my father when he got home that day, and she asked me to help her. Oh, I was so happy, but she needed me to get her a knife so she could cut the apples. Of course, I didn’t really think about it, but I ran with the knife in my hand and… well, needless to say, I was rather clumsy and I tripped. I’m lucky that all it did was slice me, but we’ll just say that I wasn’t allowed to handle knives again until I was older.” 

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    “…yes, I think we do.”

    Gaze downcast, the man momentarily looks at the floorboards as he drinks his tea. Even if he doesn’t wish to acknowledge it, he knows why she’s here. Petra was a woman of honesty, of confidence. He knew she wouldn’t take his replacing her shift without something to say to him. Quietly, he sets his tea cup on it’s proper saucer, pressing his back against the wall behind him.


    “…I couldn’t sleep either.” Levi remarks, words soft and seemingly unrehearsed, “Same thing every night. It’s not that fun. Long story…” Too long to put his heart into telling her…at least, unless she asked. 

           She’s silent as she listens to him speak, a trait that she’s picked up and became rather good at. Levi was a man of few words; he would much rather get to the point than beat around the bush when it came to issues he was dealing with. For that, she appreciates brutal honestly than anything else. Setting her cup beside his, she adjusts her sitting position, her legs hanging over the porch in which they sat on. Legs just hovering above ground, she thinks of what to say as she takes another sip.

                              “If you don’t mind me asking… what’s the same thing that happens every night?”

              A curious being she is, as golden eyes set upon him, watching him. She doesn’t want to pry if he’s not interested, but it doesn’t stop her from wanting to become a listening ear for him. 

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Night Patrol; it’s both a blessing, and a pain in the ass. Yet, it’s more of a moment to simply bask in the silence and keep himself grounded. Tonight, he feels his thoughts begin to float and his consciousness begin to doze. Old memories, past experiences…previous lives. It jumbles up in his head and he feels a familiar voice pull him back to earth. Silently, he perks up, mercury hues resting on her frame as she hands him a tea cup. Nodding his thanks, he takes it, taking a slow sip from it.


    “Petra.” he feels the warmth from the cup begin to fill his fingertips; it’s soothing. A question comes to mind. “Why’re you still awake?”

"The same could be asked of you, but I think we know why."

She teases, lightly, as she comes to join him, a cup of her own in hand. She was taken off of patrol tonight; a task that she didn’t like doing but was prepared for it, when he took her place. She still didn’t know why he did that, but Petra determined that two people up was better than one.

"Couldn’t sleep," she answers after a few minutes, taking a sip before speaking again. "I was all prepared for patrol, and I guess my mind had other plans. 

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  "what if levi went to the tree where petra was and she was still alive and levi held her in his arms then petra whispers "keep fighting captain...i love you..." then blood pools from her mouth and she dies in levi's arms then levi looks up to the sky and screams so loud it can be heard by all the other squads and soldiers in the forest"

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                      — And she’s awoken with a scream, the result of a nightmare that
                      had decided to plague her dreams. She hadn’t been sleeping well
                      lately; the dark circles were present on her visage, and she was paler.
                      She knew that it she needed to take better care of herself and, if she
                      wasn’t careful, people might try to make her sty back.

                      Trembling, she runs her hands through her hair, taking deep breaths to
                      calm her heart, which was beating rapidly like a drum. Hopefully, she
                     didn’t wake up anyone. Heaven knows they all lacked sleep as it was. 

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  "& adopted sis :c"

                       She feels fingers trace along scars on her shoulder, where she almost flinches. Unsure of who exactly was the culprit, she finds herself looking straight to the man whom she’s deemed as a brother to her. Never before had he inquired about her scars, let alone touch them. It was a feeling that both put her outside her comfort zone but, at the same time, it proved opportunity for a bonding moment between the two. Besides, this scar had a story that she had never told anyone else, so he would be the first to know the origin behind it.  

                             ”If you’re wondering where I got that from, there’s a long story behind it, if you’re willing to listen to it.”

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     Calmly puts out his cigarette, and takes a long sip of his coffee. At least he finally managed to get his paperwork done. Quietly, he glances up at Petra, noticing the near empty cup in front of her. “Do you want a refill…?” 


Pulled away from her train of thought, she looks up from the papers to look up at him. For once, he was finished before she was, something that he never finished until much later when she was asleep. Glancing at her cup, she reaches for it before holding it out to him. “If you don’t mind. You finished early tonight, sir.”

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 It felt like his lungs were collapsing, his body caving and being ripped limb from limb when he finally wakes up. Titans still invade his dreams, every nook and cranny of his thoughts with the blood and torn limbs of the fallen. Yet, every time he wakes up, he sees her. Without fail, Petra always coaxes him back into reality. Even now, he feels her fingertips brush his hair out of his eyes and cup his cheeks, her voice soft and soothing as he tries to regain his breath.

    “…t-thank you.” he whispers in reply, resting his head against her shoulder.


                                Eventually, his breathing stabilizes, no longer in the fit of sleep he was. She can’t help but let out a quiet sigh of relief as he lays on his shoulder. It was routine for them; either he would be the one that had nightmares, or vice versa. She never likes to admit it, but she was prone to them despite the tough exterior she puts out when it came to handling things. Still, she soothes him, the whisper in her ear oddly calming as she continues to soothe him. Gentle fingers find themselves threading through dark locks, holding onto him.

                               ”No need to thank me,” she whispers back, eventually sitting so that, in a way, she was cradling him. Unorthodox for the both of them, but he needed it.

                                They needed it. 

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