It’s pouring outside. Arms folded, he watches in silence, the rain rolling down in sheets onto the earth as he watches from the porch.

      It was raining; that was evident as she steps onto the porch, two cups of piping hot liquid in her grasp. She spots him and, stepping closer, holds out one to him.

                                  “It never ceases to amaze me how much rain we get.” 

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  "Do you have a Levi or Auruo that you ship with? I've seen you reblog both ships so I was curious."


                                     Honestly, I actually don’t think I do. I do reblog them both, just because they’re two ships that I adore with Petra, but I don’t have a specific blog that I ship with. I talk to plenty of Levis and Auruos, but I don’t think any of them are interested or they have rp partner of their own. Which, is totally fine! I love reading their threads and it totally makes up for it, and I enjoy having that chance to interact with them too and build connections. Besides, I wanted this blog to focus more than just the shipping part, and I think I’ve done a fantastic job with that so far, but it still needs work.

                                      If you’re interested, there’s no need to hide! I am a single ship blog, meaning I’ll only ship with one person so there’s that too, but I’m always up for discussing possibilities. 



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                  Petra Ral. Special Operations Member. 

               It is what was inscribed on her grave, for she was a member of his squad. A Rightful one. Not all can stand up to those what she and a few female members of his new squad can do. But this woman had something distinct that he saw. Her devotion and courage. A trait, at least for him, was rare. It was the strongest attribute she possesses. Something else was more of that. She was daring, going so far as to stop him at times.

                 He felt empty. He came to like what she had become. But she was gone, as if a light suddenly got dim.

              “… Your father talked to me on the way back in the walls. He told me that you wrote a letter one time to him, saying you were grateful of being a member of my squad. Glad to know that you were. But… you said that you were going to devote yourself to me. Isn’t being part of my squad enough devotion?” It never will be. 

 A weak laughter escaped him. "…Who am I to say that? I never gave myself a chance to thank you." Then his small smile faded into nothing. "… You were a great woman, Petra.  You always were. You were always daring, no matter what the situation is. I liked it. That is one thing I would not forget. I came here… to thank you, but… I don’t think it would be enough and it never would be.

               Before he left, one final glimpse at her grave, then he moved, and didn’t turn back.  

                       Thank you, but…

                               I apologize. For my mistakes.

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     Bravery is [ NOT] fearlessness.

           Bravery is knowing your fears,

                   and CHOOSING  to

     ———{ overcome }———  them.

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                         { ♫ };;         
                                "Oh, I see! It’s a pleasure to meet ya’, Petra! Heichou, huh? I know him! I come to talk to him often. He’s helped me a lot. See, I’m not really from here? I’m from Death City, Nevada."

"Death City? What a rather grim name for a city, don’t you think? Either way, it’s a pleasure having you here. It’s not much, but it’s home."

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                         { ♫ };;         
                               "Ah, yes! That’d be my name. Who’re you, ma’am?"

               ”I’m Petra! I’m one of heichou’s squad members. I’ve seen you come in here a few times, so I thought I’d introduce myself.”

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                  “Ahh… Maka, right?”

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    “You’re joking…”

    His first day off in over six months, and he slept in till noon? Not only a rare day of sleep, but half the day’s worth?

             ”Oh, you’re finally awake.”

       She didn’t dare wake him up today. With the very little sleep he’s gotten the last few weeks, she’s surprised that he didn’t sleep longer. 

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                               Sun’s rays shining upon her, she decides to take this day off to finish on a project that she’s been meaning to finish for the longest time. Skilled in sewing, fabric lays on her lap, anticipating to be stitched up and be created into a fine dress. While this was something that she never thought she’d have time for, much less do in the first place, the water, merely feet from her, as well as the calm, quiet serenity brings her peace as she works.

                                 When today was over, the dress will soon be finished.